The Latest Developments in TBI Seminar

After much work, TBILG is happy to announce this year’s members-only seminar in Charleston, S.C., at the beautiful Hotel Bennett.

This year’s program features brand new topics and new and esteemed speakers. We were able to land Dr. Leonhardt who recently published a law review article debunking the so-called science behind malingering tests and will educate us how to show the judge and jury the flaws of malingering or effort tests. Tim Felice will educate us how to use AI in depositions in real time to impeach defense experts.  We will have a period where people can workshop their cases with a panel of experienced TBI lawyers (with further suggestions from the audience). From the TBI beginner to the most experienced practitioner, this lineup promises to be well worth the time. A members-only dinner/cocktail hour will be hosted on May 2.

The event will be hosted at:
Hotel Bennett
404 King Street
Charleston, S.C.

The members-only dinner will be hosted at:
Victor’s Seafood & Steak
39F John St.
Charleston, SC

We have a room block at the Hotel Bennett linked below:

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Event Schedule


Forge Consulting
Physicians Life Care Planning
Brain Mapping
Advocacy Digital Media

Thursday-May 2

Breakfast and Registration – Sponsored by Physicians Life Care Plan

The Sophistry of Malingering Tests – Christoph Leonhard, Ph.D., Author of an article published in the Georgia Law Review that exposed the malingering test myth.

Defense Fraud in the Raw Data – How to expose the defense tricks – Brandi Crowe

Morning Break – Sponsored by Brain Mapping

How to Maximize AI in Prosecuting Brain Injury Cases including using AI in the middle of expert depositions and trials, and learn how to get real time transcripts using AI, and use AI for causation – Tim Felice

The Latest Science on Traumatic Brain Injury Causing Neuroendocrine Dysfunction – what to look out for, how to test and the cost of treatment – Dr. Kevin Yuen

Lunch and Address from BIAA Director.

How to Win Those Motions to Video Tape, Even with Judges Who Typically Deny Them and How to Catch the Defense Expert Fudging the Test Administration (to Make Your Client Fail Malingering Tests) – Dorothy Sims and Andrew Abraham

Break – Sponsored by Physicians Life Care Planning

Workshop Your Case with a Panel of TBI Experts – great chance to get practical tips on your case with lawyers who have spent their careers representing TBI patients

Cocktail Hour – Sponsored by Forge Consulting
Victor’s Seafood & Steak, 39F John St., Charleston, SC

Members Dinner ($50 per person) – Sponsored by Forge Consulting
Victor’s Seafood & Steak, 39F John St., Charleston, SC

Friday-May 3

Quick Hitters

How to Handle Lower Policy Limit TBI Cases in a Cost-Efficient Manner – Jason Baker

Teaching Jurors the Value of Invisible Injuries – Tyson Logan

Demonstratives that Defeat Common Defense Myths – Kevin Motley

Getting the Raw Data – how to read it and what to look for – Bruce Stern

Using Raw Data to Exclude Tests Under DaubertJoe Cammarata

Break – Sponsored by Advocacy Digital Media

The Best Way to Use Before and After Witnesses to Prove Damage – Thomas Grillo

5 Things You Need to Know About Neuropsychological Testing – Allan Siegel

Maximizing Voir Dire in TBI – Joey Lowe

Opening Statements in TBI cases – Randy Rozek

Using Audit Trails to Win Your Case – How to prove the defense radiologist never looked at the scan and/or how to show the ER doctor who documented normal findings, only spent 3 minutes with the patient and could not have completed tests claimed in the records. – Jonathan Lomurro

The Latest Updates to DTI – Scott Blair