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Interested in becoming a member of the AAJ’s TBI Litigation Group? Read on to learn more about the benefits of membership or to submit your application. 

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Why Become a TBILG Member?

The science says that a significant percentage of personal injury victims suffer traumatic brain injuries. Yet despite how far the research has come in the last few decades, successfully arguing these cases is harder than ever. TBIs remain hard to prove, are often diagnosed late, myths still abound, and juries don’t always take the science at face value unless you can put all the complex puzzle pieces together for them in a way that resonates. 

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Our goal is to ensure you get the support you need to tackle these challenging cases successfully, be a better advocate for TBI victims in your community, and get more (and better) TBI cases—and all for annual dues of just $150. 

What’s Included?

As a TBI Litigation Group member, you’ll have access to: 

Personal Expertise 

By joining the TBI Litigation Group listserv and member community, you’ll be able to ask questions, share insights and learnings, and consult with many of the nation’s top TBI trial attorneys on your toughest TBI cases. 

Get the latest medical expert information, scientific literature on brain injuries, and expert damage information that can help you build a better case, be a better advocate for your clients, and be more persuasive in front of an insurance company or jury. 

The TBI Litigation Group regularly hosts top speakers at in-person and online events throughout the year (both at regular AAJ conferences and independently). We also publish a semi-annual newsletter. 

How to Join

Membership in the TBI Litigation Group is open to Regular, Sustaining, Leaders Forum, President’s Club, and Life members of the American Association for Justice. 

Applications are subject to review. Before joining the group, all prospective members must sign an affidavit. Members pay annual dues of $150.

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